Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year
  • Back to School Night--Wednesday, August 30 from 4 - 5:30 PM
  • First Day of School--Tuesday, September 5.
  • Administrative Assistant and Principal report back to school on Monday, August 14 at 7:15 AM. 
  • Darren/Sandra will be out of the Lakewood office for training on Tuesday, August 15.

Lakewood is a community elementary school providing 21st Century classrooms and facilities, experienced teaching and support staff and excellent educational programs. Our school community strives to provide high achievement for all and a welcoming environment for everyone.

ISD 709 Elementary Schools Provide:
  • Free all day, every day Kindergarten
  • 90 minutes reading plus 30 minutes writing each day
  • 70 minutes math plus 10 minutes facts/computation fluency in grades 2-5
  • Science and Social Studies instruction daily.
  • Art, Music, Physical Education, and Media
  • Advanced academic opportunities and comprehensive interventions to boost reading and math skills
  • Guidance and support to help students learn responsibility, citizenship and respect with Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS)
  • Parent and community partnerships to support education and the School Forest
  • K.E.Y. Zone after-school programming; 2:15 - 6:00 p.m.
Principal: Dr. Darren Sheldon, ext 1011          
Administrative Assistant:  Sandra Benson, ext 2590                                                                  
Address: 5207 North Tischer Road
                 Duluth, MN 55804

Phone:  218-336-8870    Fax:  218-336-8874
School Hours: 7:45 - 2:15
Student Drop-off & Pick-up Hours: 7:15 AM & 2:15 PM

News / Employment Opportunities Below:
2017-18 Playground/Cafeteria Monitor ~ LakewoodApply Online
Category: Non Licensed - Hourly/Cafeteria/Playground Monitor
Date Posted: 8/7/2017
Location: Lakewood Elementary School
Date of Availability: 09/05/2017
Date Closing: 03/31/2018

Lakewood Elementary School is looking for playground/cafeteria monitors.  These positions typically work Monday-Friday between 10:00 am - 1:00 pm for 2.5 hour shifts and rate of pay is $9.50 per hour (up to 12.5 hours per week).  Some of the duties include but are not limited to the following:


Remain on playground whenever children are there.  When necessary to leave for an emergency, check in at the office. Be alert for unsafe conditions, i.e. fighting, rough play, children leaving playground, objects other than balls being thrown. Blow whistle when lunch period is ended and have children line up at door in an orderly manner. Report any discipline problems to office. 


  • Clean tables and benches before each lunch sitting. 
  • Remain in lunchroom whenever children are present.  If necessary to leave for an emergency, inform other aide or principal. 
  • Patrol among pupils to monitor behavior.
  • Be alert for any unsafe conditions, i.e. slippery food or liquid on the floor, etc.
  • Help keep lunchroom clean. 
  • Report discipline problems to office. 
  • Anyone throwing food should be removed from lunchroom immediately.

If you have any questions, please call Lakewood Elementary School at (218) 336-8870.

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