Are You Ready to Register 
Your Child for Kindergarten:


Besides the registration forms, the following documents are required:   

        1. Copy of Birth certificate, Hospital certificate, Passport, Physician/Midwife certificate (we can make a copy for you).   

        2. Legal Proof of Residency (1 of the following):  Property tax   statement, signed lease, purchase agreement, open enrollment for

     ISD 709 Elementary Schools Provide:
  • Free all day, every day Kindergarten
  • 90 minutes reading, plus 30 minutes writing each day:      Series is Reading Wonders as well as Math Wonders
  • Science and Social Studies instruction daily
  • Art, Music, Physical Education and Media
  • Advanced academic opportunities and comprehensive interventions to boost reading and math skills
  • Guidance and support to help students learn safety, responsibility, respect and kindness
  • Parent and community partnerships to support
  • education and the School Forest
  • K.E.Y. Zone after-school program until 6 pm
Lakewood is a Community Elementary School Providing 21st Century Classrooms and Facilities
Located at: 5207 North Tischer Rd, Duluth 55804
   Phone:  218-336-8870               Fax: 218-336-8874

School Hours: 7:45 am - 2:15 pm
             Student Drop-off & Pick-up Hours:                  7:15 AM & 2:15 PM

Free Breakfast for all students starts at 7:25 pm

Dr. Darren Sheldon, ext. 1011    
                                    Administrative Assistant: 
      Sandra Benson,  ext.  2590       
~ ~ ~

Free Breakfast everyday for all Students.

NEW: Apply Online to  Receive Free/ Reduced Priced Meals

From the School Nurse:
This has been an extremely tough year for sickness. Please review the following helpful tips:

Should I keep my child home?
Does your child have: 
Fever of 100° F or higher?   __Yes      __No 
(Take the child’s temperature before giving him/her fever-reducing medicine, like Tylenol.) 
Sore throat?      __Yes      __No 
Cough?      __Yes      __No

 ▪ If you checked “yes” for fever AND one of the other symptoms, keep your child home for at least 24 hours after his or her fever is gone without fever-reducing medicine. For many children this will be 5 to 7 days. Your child should feel well enough to participate in school before returning. If you have questions about your child’s health or symptoms, call your child’s doctor or clinic.


 When you report your child’s absence please indicate if your child has a fever of 100 degrees or more, including a cough and/or sore throat. 

Detailed Information from the Minnesota Department of Health